A sophisticated resort that thinks eternal time.


HOTEL SULATA is in the middle of Shibuya.
We will introduce you to the unusual time in Tokyo.
It is not only for business and sightseeing,
but also for women with clean rooms and Amenities.

Can reserve from the website .After check in you can go to anytime.
We prepare nonsmoking so please fell us in advance.
The Chic & Modern room will take you to healing space.
Please experience the high quality hotel service and relaxing moments.

Welcome service

It is next to the front desk at "Cafe De SULATA"
We provide welcome drink, ice cream and Cake for 24hours.

VOD system

In the room TV.
Can see more than 300 titles of New Movie and semi recent released movies.

Breakfast service

We will provide breakfast to the Hotel stay guests.
There is Japanese,Western and porridge of rice.

Luxury Bath

Please heal the tiredness of the day with Jacuzzi.


You can go out after checking in any number of times.
Parking lot free, so you can park your car and go out slowly.
Werehouse available size Car height 1.57M Car width 1.82M Car length 4.95M.

A large TV

All the room have DVD player.

Omotenashi call

There is a translation service by video phone.

Free Wi-Fi

All room free WiFi.

The hotel name "SULATA" means a great joy in Sanskrit.
We hope the guests could rest in the "Great Joy"
For that we will fill the hotel with "Great Joy"
we will first get Great Joy so we can give "Great Joy"

Hotel Manager

in Shibuya

  • Bunkamura

    Creating and providing culture such as music, video, arts and theater.
    There are theaters, art museums and cinemas in the hall, and leading artists from home and abroad perform performances at the concert hall.
    Besides cultural facilities, there are many restaurants and shops, so you can enjoy it well.

  • Meiji Jingu

    The number of worshipers of New Year 's visit is the best in Japan, and Emperor Meiji and Empress Akira are enshrined.
    Otorii built with Hinoki is Japan's largest as a wooden Meijin Torii.
    It is also known as a power spot in recent years.

  • Ota Memorial Museum of Art

    A private art museum specializing in Ukiyo-e, few in Tokyo. There are about 12,000 collections.
    You can touch the state and culture of the people of the Edo era.

  • Statue of Hachiko

    Speaking of meeting in Shibuya, the classic "Hachiko statue".
    Sometimes he wears himself in a cute costume such as Christmas or Halloween depending on the season.

  • Scramble crossing

    This place where the flow of people never fails all day is famous not only in Japan but also worldwide.


    One of Shibuya Hikarie's complex facilities. As the name has the meaning of "sphere", a theater that floats in the near-future form and 70M of the air above the ground.
    Musicals, music dramas, Broadway musicals are also performed.

in Shibuya

  • Nonbei Yokocho "Drinkers Alley"

    A retro corner that exists in a big city. The remnant of Showa is strong, and it narrows down to a narrow alley and a drink shop tries.
    Shibuya station east exit, behind Bic camera, along the track.

  • Shibuya Niku yokochō

    A sacred ground for meat lovers that can enjoy a variety of meat dishes. About twenty or more stores are connected.
    It is a recommended spot not to be missed for meat lovers.

  • Museum of Yebisu beer

    It is in Yebisu Garden Place. A delicious glass beer can be enjoyed from 400 yen per cup.
    Children also have soft drinks ready so you can enjoy it on a date or with your family.

in Shibuya

  • SHIBUYA109

    "SHIBUYA 109" is famous with Hachiko, scrambled intersection.
    A cylindrical building that is located soon after getting off Shibuya station is a representative of Shibuya.

  • Shibuya Center Street

    One of the main streets symbolizing the city of youth, Shibuya. Various shops and restaurants are lined up and many young people gather.
    Because it is an arcade street, it can be enjoyed even on rainy days.

  • Shibuya Hikarie

    It is a complex facilities direct-connected to station and there are the Tokyu Theater Orb and the Hikarie Hall inside.
    In addition, cafes, restaurants, department stores, offices, etc. enter, and it is now a symbolic presence in Shibuya.

  • Yoyogi park

    The fourth largest park in 23 wards of Tokyo. Meiji Shrine is adjacent.
    Accessible from Harajuku Station · Yoyogi Park Station · Meiji Jingumae Station · Yoyogi Hachiman Station.
    Permanent entry is possible, people are crowded with forest bathing and picnics during the day and light up of the fountain at night.

  • NHK Studio Park

    It is possible to know the back side of the program production which can not be easily seen usually.
    You can also have a dubbing experience, and you can also watch program recordings on a daily basis.

  • Takeshita street

    From Harajuku station to Meiji Avenue, the street is as gentle as 360 meters in length. A popular spot where people gather from all overthe world as the birthplace of distinctive fashion and cute fashion.
    It is also known as a place where Kyary Pamyu Pamyu grew up.